Jungle Love Update

Hello Belize,

We're staring over with this arts and music fest. Hurricane Earl flooded our venue which pushed back our first date, as it caused damages that took time to repair. Before we arrived on the new February 10-12 date, our targeted venue has undergone a transfer of management and rabranding. Jungle Love doesn't jive with the new direction that is planned over at Raspa.

We have found a new venue at another nearby location with water we can swim in, but some logistical infrastructure will have to be built out. This may push the date into the spring time frame. We will be renaming the event since we are starting over from scratch.

This brings up exciting new opportunity. We're excited over here! We will put out more information as things unfold. Look for an art and music fest in the same spirit in Cayo. We'll be promoting it when we're ready.

Respect, Party Central